Kariya Shun
Kariya Shun
Japanese Name 刈谷俊
Rōmaji Name Kariya Shun
Gender Male
Height 164cm
Weight 71kg
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Occupation Student
Affiliation Eigadai Affiliated High School
Manga Debut Chapter 9

Kariya Shun (刈谷俊 Kariya Shun?) is a student from Eigadai Affiliated High School and a member of its sumo club.






District Preliminary arcEdit

Along side Kuze Sōsuke they attend the district preliminary bout between Onimaru and Sada Mizuki. Observing the match they discuss each individual's fighting style and the possible outcome of the match.[1]

When Onimaru is declared the winner of the match, Kariya becomes stunned by the outcome.[2]

Later on, Kariya is seen wandering around calling for Sōsuke, crying he doesn't want to left in a place he doesn't know. When Kuze calls him over Kariya notices who he's talking with and tells him not to waste his time with people who couldn't win the District Preliminary. Kuze mentions he doesn't mean it and he was moved by Ushio's match. Kariya calls his win a fluke. When Kariya is told to stop acting cool when they weren't picked to compete at their own District Preliminary. Panicking he says his and Kuze's names will echo in the entire country.[3]

Major BattlesEdit



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